There were some amusing comments regarding S09E15 (the hurricane show) on one of the Five-Zero blogs I check out. There are two different people commenting in Point/Counterpoint fashion:

There is a bad storm coming and people are evacuating. Rachel and Charlie are in the evacuation zone so it only makes sense they would go to Dannyís. I would do the same in the circumstances. But Rachel tells Danny that his daughter is safe in California and is enjoying herself, and the first words out of his mouth is about money. Poor him, footing the bill for his daughterís school trip. Is there anything to make him happy? Well, other than waking up on the couch with his ex?

You really think it made sense for her to show up like that? And why on earth is Danny even home while every other police officer his helping to make it safe for everyone. Oh, donít even get me started on that.


Now back to the leaky ceiling with its box of utterly idiotic deodorant. I swear, I know I have come up with slim plot lines before, but this one is for the books. He has old deodorant in the attic that he brought from New Jersey 9 years ago??? That he has moved with him HOW many times in these last years? And she actually swooned when she smelled it like a 16-year-old with a crush. Gag me.

I like Rachel. I really do. She did some nasty things, too, but I still like her. But this whole scenario at Dannyís place was just nauseating. Sorry, but the worst so far. Oh wait, I think the worst was way back at that cheap motel when Danny slept with his ex-wife who was still married to another man. I believe she still is? Isnít she?

I truly hope these two will get back together and then live happily ever after as far away from Hawaii as possible.