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    Anyone know the details of why Hilton Hawaiian Village ended their sponsorship with Five-Zero, only to bring it back a year or two later?

    I'm guessing it had something to do with rate negotiations.

    I always find it funny that the Five-Zero crew hangs out there.

    It's a complete tourist trap (and a crowded zoo), and probably one of the LEAST likely location for Hawaiian locals to want to hang out.

    I've been there three times. It tries really hard to be a resort, but isn't. It's just a big hotel on Waikiki Beach, and they attempt to make it look like you're in a self-contained resort. Everything there is reaaaaaaaaallllly touristy.

    So why do I stay there?

    Because it's got a great location and is very reasonably priced, by Waikiki standards. Besides, I never stay at Waikiki for too long, so it's a decent place to spend a night or two, as long as you stay away from the touristy stuff.

    (And yes, I realize it was once the Ilikai, where Jack Lord was standing on the balcony in that famous theme song zoom-in.)

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    The one time I went to Hawaii for fun, I stayed at the Hale Koa - the military hotel that I believe is next door. That was in 2015.

    The first time in Hawaii, it was for work and I was in billeting on Pearl Harbor!

    Thanks for the info on the Ilikai Todd, I don't know a lot about Hawaii and less about the Waikiki area. I probably know more about the military side of things than anything

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