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Thread: Dumb questions - 2 plot points

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    I need some help (I know, been needing for it awhile)

    I know in Five-O it is said outright that McGarrett was appointed head of Five-O in 1959. Did I miss something? Did I happen to imagine this? If it is true, can somebody tell me the episode it was stated in.

    Second, I can see the scene but I can't remember for the life of me which episode it appeared in. Danno is searching an apartment and a guy comes in and tries to knife him. Danno handles the guy in short-order but I can't recall the episode of that either.

    Any help is greatly appreciated because I have something being held up due to these two items.

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    I found the second plot point! I just need the first.

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    Found them both!! Thank you!

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