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Thread: S09E19 (Friday's show) reviewed

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    What is wrong with these people!? The writers I mean. What the what!?

    I'm glad I'm not watching.

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    This episode was ok, a comedown from some good recent shows. Overall, I think the 9th season has had a fair number of good, or even pretty good, episodes compared to the earlier seasons (I quit watching around season 5, but started again this season because “Cocoon” was very enjoyable). The main things I’m noticing this season is Alex is aging into the McGarrett role nicely, and the 2 new cast members Tani and Junior are more interesting than Kono and Chin were in the later seasons with their endless baggage. Grover is generally enjoyable as well. Also, it helps that Danno isn’t around as much anymore. Some of the stories this season have had more depth and emotion to them, and they’ve cut back on stupid ongoing soap opera sub-plots. Hopefully they can continue to improve.

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