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Thread: MANNIX Appreciation Thread

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    Any other MANNIX fans here in the forum? Itís likely my next favorite classic cop/detective series, with H5O being my favorite of course!

    It was never syndicated anywhere where I lived, whereas H5O was on cable superstation WOR in the mid-80s when I discovered that show. I have vague memories of seeing MANNIX on CBS as a small child when my parents watched it in the early 70s, but otherwise I didnít start watching it until the DVD releases starting around 2008 when I began purchasing them on a blind buy, and I instantly fell in love with the series and collected all 8 seasons.

    Like H5O, my main reason for enjoying the series is the cast, namely Mike ďTouchĒ Connors, who is instantly likable. Additionally, the music scores are well done, the plots are generally tight, compelling mysteries, and the guest stars are always top-notch (most of whom appeared on H5O at some point). The location scenery and action sequences were well-done, too. The gorgeous remastering on the DVDís certainly helps as well.

    I am in the process of completing a re-watch of the series, and it holds up well. Unlike H5O, the quality never really dropped off much at the end of the series, though it did have a shaky start during the first season when Mannix was employed by a large detective agency that relied on computers (this season was omitted from syndication, along with season 8 and a portion of season 7).

    Hopefully thereís a few other fans here who will chime in with their thoughts!

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    When I was using a different software program for the forum on my site, there was some discussion of Mannix, which I archived here:

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    Good stuff, Mike....thanks for the link!

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