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Thread: 50th Anniversary - The Big Kahuna

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    Man! One of these days, I'll get it together

    Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of "The Big Kahuna."

    A distant uncle of Kono's is being terrorized by his niece-in-law (mostly) and nephew so they can have him declared insane and swipe his land out from under him. They want to sell to a sleazy developer so they can say off their debts and continue to live the jet-set life.

    Poor Sam Kalakua, I really felt for this guy as he held onto his "old" beliefs regardless of the attitudes around him to include McGarrett's. I will credit McGarrett with doing his job, no matter how he felt about these beliefs.

    I agree with Mr. Mike, the special effects are just about impossible! The show would have been better off with just using the audios. However, with the filming, we meet acid-head Kemp who proves to be something of the weak link. While this is kind of a "meh" episode there are some good scenes:

    Kono and Chin Ho doing night surveillance at Sam's house. I like the exchange between the two a lot and one that has stuck with me. The conversation is about Pele and Kono not believing in her since he was 4 but he's feeling like he's 4 again.

    When Danno finds Barney Glazer on the golf course and Glazer at one point calls him "Wilson." This was the second time somebody screwed up Danno's name in the season, the first was Nat Keller in "Along Came Joey." People, it's Williams!! Get it together!

    When Danno goes to Kemp's and finds the film. Anyone could be easily intimidated by these druggies when they try to surround him, but not Danno who walks out with the film and Kemp without any bloodshed.

    While I know the ending is contrived and forced, I did like the exchange between Sam and McGarrett as the construction equipment drove around them. I like the fact that Sam turned over his property (or at least part of it) to a children's home.

    Not the worst episode, but not one of the best either. I'm not sure what they could have done to improve the execution but the premise was pretty good.

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    This episode was always low on my list of first season episodes but having watched it last week I came away enjoying it more than I thought. Credit goes to Jack Lord in this one because he really portrayed the McG character with high energy and "power". The hippy-druggie subculture is always entertaining as well. I'm just old enough to remember (but not old enough to have been a participant) of that whole scene. I lived near a highschool when i was in Grade and middle school so saw lots of drugged up hippies back then. The main difference from the TV version is they were very filthy dirty (unwashed) and they smelled disgusting.

    We thought they went away in the 70's but surprise they manged to take over our university system and are currently polluting my children's minds with marxist garbage... sorry for the drifting away from topic ;-)

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