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    First words heard in Five-O (from the pilot ): Ready, sir. (spoken by Wo Fat's lab assistant played by Soon-Tek Oh -- though I think that this actor's voice is dubbed)

    Last words heard in Five-O (from Woe to Wo Fat): Aloha, Wo Fat. (spoken by McGarrett as he locks up his mortal arch-enemy)


    At the beginning of the show, I noticed whenever the credits are seen, they are usually not on top of dialog. Instead, they are seen when people are driving, walking and doing other things ... are they all like this?


    Does anyone remember that regarding the show "Force of Waves," there was some discussion a long time ago that a scene had been "cut out"? I can't track this down. There is a reference to it in the Discussion Forum of April 2009. Maybe this discussion was on IMDb? Alpha, if you are reading, do you know anything about this?

    The reason I ask is: when I was doing the total times for episodes around Force of Waves, I noticed that it was about a minute shorter than the ones in front of and next to it.

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    If that episode is short, then it probably is missing a scene.

    I'll have to watch for the credits. It's possible this subtle decision was made in order not to distract from the dialog.

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    I also found only three episodes (technically four) had the guest stars listed with the beginning credits:

    Number One With A Bullet, Parts 1 and 2
    The Year Of The Horse
    A Lion In The Streets

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    There are credits (the last two) overlapping dialog at the beginning of Over Fifty? Steal!

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    Before the beginning credits of "The Guarnerius Caper," there are a few lines of dialogue between McGarrett and Danno.

    There is dialogue spoken before 'Directed by Paul Karsny' credit is shown in "Force Of Waves," but no dialogue over credits. (Episode shows run time of 49:39 on Amazon Digital, btw).

    McGarrett speaks to General Rigney prior to the 'Produced by Robert Stambler' credit in "To Kill Or To Be Killed."

    There are a few lines of dialogue exchanged between Chin Ho and Marty Collins prior to the beginning credits in "The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney." Kono briefs Danny prior to 'Directed by Paul Stanley.'

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    In "Two Doves And Mr. Heron":

    There is dialogue just after the title - three times!:

    1. Jenny speaks to McGarrett on the phone

    2. Danno talks to Mrs. Michaels on the phone long distance

    3. Jenny tells Danno that McGarrett wants to see him.

    Then the rest of the credits roll.

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    New member here.

    Need help with this Jack Lord military coat I tonight would be easy to find the proper episode, but my first thought MURDER, EYES ONLY showed his dress blues, whites and daily khaki.

    Name:  jack lord (1).JPG
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    Can anyone steer me to the right show?



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    Season 3 Episode 4 "Time And Memories".Name:  JLord S3Ep4.png
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