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Thread: Tiger By The Tail

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    Yeah, Otto Jr. and I just haven't been able to synch up time to keep going through Season 1, but tonight we saw Tiger...

    Don't mean to keep mentioning kiddo, but it's fascinating to me that he enjoys Five-O. It must be the combination of how great the original show was and still is, and also his ability to appreciate things outside his generation.

    We loved this episode. Of course i'd seen it at least six or seven times, but tonight through younger eyes. He cracked up at one of my favorite moments: "But Bobby, he said he'd pay anything, i mean ANYTHING!"

    Don't forget, my Homepage friends, when things aren't going your way there's always a classic old episode to pick you up!!!


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    Don't worry about mentioning the kiddo, Otto - I'm thoroughly enjoying it!!

    I think it is a combination of the show holding its own through time and your son appreciating things outside his generation. Another friend's son is exactly the same!

    Reminds me of my own experience - I remember the original run and even seeing pieces of it when I was younger (my dad watched the show all the time and he was *picky* at what he watched). But it wasn't until the Fall of 2017 that I really got hooked. It shows just lasting this show is.

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    The show is timeless! Despite changing fashions and cars, the jazzy music scores, the strong performances, the clever plots and the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery remain ageless and relevant to today’s audiences.

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    Agree Jeff - the show is still relevant! One of the things I love about it.

    Otto - here's a true story of watching an episode for a 'pick me up.' After the 7.1 earthquake, my nerves were shot! The first episode I watched after all the shaking stopped that night to put myself on an even keel - "Deadly Persuasion." I know it's a hit and miss for some fans but I enjoy it immensely! Poor Danno being put through the ringer and settling things without bloodshed - I like it!

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