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Thread: Favorite McGarrett quote

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    From Not That Much Different:

    McGarrett wonders about the .38 revolver that Lannie Devereaux owned, suggesting that it was used to kill Julian, but Ned Horvath counters that "Everyone loved Julian." McGarrett's response is "Lesson One -- nobody is loved by everybody."

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    Mr. Mike - there are SO many!

    From Once Upon A Time, Part I:

    When confronting Dr. Fremont in her office and she tells him she's attracted to him.

    "Even now I feel something for you." She approaches ever closer, "You feel it, too. Come on, admit it."

    McGarrett responds with a classic comeback, "I'd rather take up housekeeping with a cobra."

    I laugh EVERY time!

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    From “The Devil and Mr. Frog”:

    Gibbons: “Who’s Pete Collie?”

    McGarrett: “He’s a frog who turns into a corpse “.

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    Here are a whole bunch of McGarrett quotes, compiled by Sandy Sturdivant over 20 years ago!

    "It's good to be alive, Danno." Steve to Danno. (The Case Against McGarrett)

    "Get the lab team out there. I want every print on that car since it left Detroit." Steve to Chin. (The Guarnarius Caper)

    "It [a computer] is just a piece of hardware, no values, no morality. But our society is concerned with people---PEOPLE---and we expect much more from them. Much more." McGarrett to Tilles pere. (Computer Killer)

    "In your business, your best friend is your worst enemy." McGarrett to drug dealer. (Trouble in Mind)

    "I missed the whole point of the story." McGarrett to Harry Guardino. (Trouble in Mind)

    "I just came 5800 miles to save your life. What do you call that?" Steve to Nicole when she asks him to do her a favor. (Singapore File)

    "Uncivilized men make history; civilized men make laws." McGarrett to Col Farraday. (We Hang Our Own)

    "The next time he comes up, he goes down." McGarrett to team. (Steal Now, Pay Later)

    "How come someone from Five-0 missed a pretty girl?" Steve to Danno. (Sweet Terror)

    "You're in a lot of trouble, honey." McGarrett to Marni. (A Gun for McGarrett)

    "All killers are psychotic." McGarrett to Charlie the nephew. (One for the Money)

    "When they make an 8-day week, somebody will come up with a 9-day work schedule." McGarrett (You don't See Many Pirates These Days)

    "Beat it, pal. I don't dig snakes." McGarrett (The Year of the Horse)

    "It's never free, babe." McGarrett (The Last Eden)

    "Aloha, suckers." McGarrett (3000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu)

    "Aloha, baby." McGarrett (Samurai)

    "FACTS, DOCTOR, FACTS! I NEED THE FACTS!!" McGarrett (King of the Hill)

    "You know, I can't think of one good reason that I don't hate your guts." McGarrett (And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots)

    "Some people will do anything to get Kamehameha Day off." McGarrett (Rest in Peace, Somebody)

    "Who made me Big Daddy to the world?" McGarrett (Once Upon a Time)

    "Love? What the HELL do you know about love?" McGarrett to Casey. (Up the Rebels)

    "Good night, pretty girl." McGarrett to Marni. (A Gun for McGarrett)

    "You make another move for that door, and I'll break your leg!" McGarrett to Big Chicken in "And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin."

    We would like to see the end." McGarrett to projectionist Kwan Hi Lim in "The Bell Tolls at Noon."

    "I hope I didn't spoil your fun!" Danno to two girls in "Cloth of Gold."

    "It's my job to uncover the truth, wherever it lies, wherever it's buried." McGarrett to Vera Miles in "Dear Enemy."

    "Cheer up, Danno. There are 800 women on the Singapore police force." McGarrett in "Year of the Horse."

    "He means with engines, Danno, not in the back seat." McGarrett to Danno when Danno answers 'yes' that he has experience with cars. (A Distant Thunder)

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    Those are great Mr. Mike!

    The last one from "A Distant Thunder" came to mind for me when I was thinking of quotes

    The "I hope I didn't spoil your fun!" quote was to Wallis from Danno. *That* quote hooked me in permanently! I was on floor laughing when MeTV aired "Cloth of Gold." What a [bleep]!!

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    I found a few more, even though one is long:

    “Death seldom does,” McGarrett says after General Rigney says his son’s death doesn’t make sense. (To Kill Or To Be Killed).

    “…words seem so inadequate at a time like this.” McGarrett says this TWICE in the series: Beautiful Screamer and East Wind, Ill Wind.

    The long quote: “You think it’s easier to kill a grown man? You think the next one will be easier than this one? God help you if you do.” (pause as he turns to the window) “It better hurt every time. It better tear your guts out every time you pull that gun, whether you use it or not. You learn to live with it, but don’t get used to it.” Seen in ...And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin and The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney.

    Also from 'Bomber': “It’s up to Danno now.”

    And a really funny one! To Jonathan Kaye in You Don't See Many Pirates These Days, “Let’s not play games. I’m not running a furniture store," after Kaye reads the ship’s manifest.

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    From S01/E19, "Once Upon A Time, Part I":

    "She's a quack, sis. She couldn't cure a ham."

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