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Thread: "Young Duke" to appear in upcoming episode

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    Update from #dennischun


    Well, March Madness is almost over with the Final Four this Saturday. That means there will be a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 this Friday.
    Would like to introduce you to Eric Elizaga, a very talented Hawaii born actor who plays a younger Duke Lukela in this upcoming episode. This week Five-0 focuses on a gun that has touched the lives of the Five-0 ohana for over thirty years. Script was written by Paul Grellong and directed by David Straiton. Hope you can join us as the Wave returns this week.

    Malama Pono,
    Dennis Chun

    (We know what "young Duke" really looked like 40+ years ago, do you think this guy resembles Dennis Chun back then?)

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    I definitely see a slight, albeit thinner, resemblance to his young self.

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    It's not entirely unbelievable. Not a dead ringer, but close enough to where I don't think it was bad casting.

    From that same episode, I felt that "kid McGarrett" actually did look a good deal like Alex O'Loughlin, so props to the casting people fort that.

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