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Thread: S09E20 (Way of the Gun) reviewed

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    I thought this was a good one, after several weak shows in March.

    There were some plot holes, and the three connections to the Five-0 team were a bit much, but I enjoyed the flashbacks, particularly the Duke one with Steve’s dad, and the 2010 Danno one. Speaking of which, it was nice to see the Danno character play it straight this episode with very few abrasive moments.

    Has the actor playing the younger John McGarrett appeared on the show before? I thought he did a good job, as did the young Duke actor.

    Overall, a 3-star effort in my book!

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    The actor appearing on the show playing John McGarrett was on once before, in 2018.

    The original John McGarrett we saw in 2010 was a different actor (much older, as he was playing Steve McGarrett's father in 2010!)

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    Anyway, I mostly agree with Mike's review of this episode.

    Good premise, had potential, but was not particularly well executed.

    I didn't think it was a terrible episode, but as already pointed out, there were too many plot holes. Also, the main crime of the week (the murdered man on the beach) fizzed out with half the episode left, and didn't have a particularly satisfying or interesting resolution.

    On the plus side, the anti-gun propaganda was very subtle, unlike the two classic Five-O episodes involving the same matter.

    Not sure how they goofed so badly regarding the robbery which Danno witnessed in 2010, where he instructed a customer to "wait for the ambulance", and then Danno clearly never calls the ambulance. The victim died -- maybe because Danno never called for help!

    I like how Mike paused the screen shot of the case file and found that it was already solved. Oops! Someone making those graphics either didn't follow instructions, or they changed the plot later, and didn't go back to change the graphic!

    The crying sound of Bonnie's mother Kianna seemed to have been dubbed into the episode, perhaps because the actress didn't cry convincingly enough?

    Speaking of voices, Danno's sounded raspy and not like himself. I wonder if he was sick during the filming of the episode. They placed a Mets hat on him for the 2010 flashback, in order to cover up his current receding hairline. At least they did a better job with it than the flashback to 2002 in one of the recent Joe White episodes, where McGarrett looked the exact same as the 2019 version! While Alex O'Loughlin is a good looking man, he does NOT look like a guy in his 20s!

    I agree with Mike that the shootout with Hester in Cambria, CA was stupid. I also didn't understand why they set it there. This could have easily have taken place anywhere in Hawaii.

    The chance of this gun (involved in 14 homicides) being connected to FOUR members of Five-Zero and associates (Tani, McGarrett, Danno, Duke) is just about impossible, given that none of them aside from Duke were involved with law enforcement at the time of these connections.

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