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    I have added a couple more sections to my WWW site:

    First, Bobbi Baker finished her "anal-ysis" of license plates seen on the show and is now doing another section for "numbers." I have been fascinated by numbers like license plates, phone numbers and other stuff connected with Classic H50 as you can see in the "trivia" sections of my episode reviews for years. Bobbi has already done a couple of seasons of numbers.

    There is another new section called "Other Opinions." Bobbi has some comments on Season 12 (the season you love to hate) and there are also reviews that our Fearless Leader hosting the new discussion forum here, Todd, has done, some of which were posted here and not on my site.

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    Mr. Mike - YOU'RE AWESOME!!

    If I haven't said it before, THANK YOU! for hosting my efforts. It's been fun and I still laugh at times even though there were times (and still more to come I'm sure) of wanting to pull my hair out! LOL!!

    Thank you again!

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