The one burning (no pun intended) question concerning this episode I have: What happens to Michael Harper?

Iíve had that question since I first rewatched this episode on MeTV. Dr. Southmore paid David Harper $75,000 to make Melissa Southmore's murder look like a robbery, but is that not profiting from a crime?

Worst of all, Michael Harper, David's son, had nothing to do with any of the crimes committed in Honolulu and, at least to me, is the most defenseless of anyone involved. So does he or does he not stay at the home/school on Maui? Does the $75,000 get yanked back from the home/school where Michael is residing? If so, what happens to Michael? Does he get shipped back to his mom who has to figure out something else? If not, does the $75,000 just get written off? Does Melissa Southmore's family have any say in the matter? Would they ore would they not allow the home/school to keep that money to help Michael?

Things that make you go...."hmmm"