I'm not a medical expert but I've been through enough military self-aid buddy care (and that's what they were called when I was still in) to know where some major arteries are in the human body. That being said, I just got done rewatching "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave" in my production order viewing. By the way, so far there's NOT that much difference. But that's a whole other conversation for later....

Anyway, McGarrett gets shot in the arm. There's a major artery in our upper arm and it looks like Sirone Mondrago hit it. So why is McGarrett still alive!? (Besides being the main character)

It's the same general area Chin Ho was hit in S01E15 - Face Of The Dragon (toward the end of the episode). This is before I even mention Danno's injury of being shot in the abdomen by Marine Corporal John Auston in S01E13 - King Of The Hill. Kono is roughed up pretty good in S03E06 - The Ransom but I don't think he was shot. There was an attempt in S02E11 - Leopard On The Rock. He was hit over the head multiple times: S02E22 - Nightmare Road (by the Feds no less!) and S03E02 - Trouble In Mind.

Looks like the office should be left to Kono, at least for now Any other instances that I missed or haven't gotten to yet?