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    Nice review Mr. Mike. I'm glad I can read your reviews and not watch. I just can't get into the reboot. Was this episode Danno free too? It seemed like it.

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    Good review, Mike.

    Just watched this last night.

    I thought both story arcs had potential, but both were done sloppily.

    Your review basically confirms that impression of mine.

    Assuming we can get past Dr. Chu having Noelani kidnapped and her life placed in danger, simply to help Dr. Chu complete a job, there was also the whole escape thing which was done poorly. Once Noelani had the gun, why didn't she shoot the bad guy who was so ruthless as to gun down his own man for body parts? Instead, she just ordered him on the ground, and then had to run away in a hurry, constantly afraid he would catch up and kill them. This was never explained. Dr. Chu pulling a gun on Noeani as she was escaping also didn't make sense, even if she was working for the criminals. Did she really not care that Noelani would be executed afterwards?

    I also noticed that Masuda looked too young to be the father of Tamiko. The actress playing her was 38, and Ian Anthony Dale (Adam) is 40. This is fine, as they were supposed to be near the same age, having grown up together and their respective families trying to fix them up.

    Even if we want to assume that both characters are supposed to be a little bit younger than their actors' respective ages, how young are they supposed to be? Unlikely younger than 35, right?

    So let's assume Tamiko is 35. Wouldn't her dad range between 55 and 80, with the most likely age being 65-70?

    Masuda did not look anywhere near that age.

    The actor's IMDB (Sonny Saito) goes back only to 2006, confirming that he likely isn't too old.

    They couldn't cast an older actor in that role?

    The whole business with the FBI leak was confusing, as was the entire connection to murderer Ron Kraft.

    I think the episode would have been more interesting if it turned out Tamiko had changed and become a cold blooded Yakuza killer, and decided to kill the guy herself because he was attempting to betray her family.

    But if they really were going to go the direction they did, the reason for the murder and the way the murderer was discovered by the Yakuza could have been done far better.

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