The former WWW site has moved to Facebook and Twitter. They have announced the release of various box sets of TV series on May 28th, but most of these don't make any sense. With one exception, they do not contain all the episodes of the shows. Is anyone really going to buy these? I can certainly see where this might make sense in the case of Classic H50 seasons 1-9 (there actually was a set like this)!

These box sets are reminiscent of what used to happen with the release of Classic H50 as the show's releases continued over the years. You would get these "combo" packages which just consisted of individual box sets of seasons 1-9, for example. When they finished with all 12 seasons, they were all released in one large newly-designed box. Most of the partial releases of H50 are no longer easily available. I even found one of seasons 5-8 at, which looks very fishy.

The number in brackets below means what was the actual total number of seasons.

Cheers - Seasons 1-6 (11 seasons) Released Complete Already
Frasier - Seasons 1-6 (11) Released Complete Already
Happy Days - Seasons 1-6 (11) Only 1-6 Released So Far
Have Gun Will Travel - Seasons 1-4 (6) Released Complete Already
Streets of San Francisco - Seasons 1-3 (5) Released Complete Already
The Untouchables - Seasons 1-3 (4) Released Complete Already