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Thread: Sicario Day Of The Soldado (movie)

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    The ending of this movie is idiotic.

    Benicio Del Toro's character gets shot, and it looks like he got shot very seriously, because when he miraculously recovers after the bad guys have left, there are what look like large bloody chunks of his scalp falling away from his head.

    Despite that, he managed to somehow survive death (or the appearance of death, which meant that no one shot him more than once) and gets up and somehow leaves the area where he was left for dead.

    The bad guys have all gone, presumably some time before, because it was dark out when Del Toro got shot and when the good guys (Josh Brolin, etc.) in helicopters confront all the bad guys on the road and kill them all, it is daytime.

    So how many minutes or hours is it from the time Del Toro is shot until these guys are all killed? Del Toro manages to seemingly WALK from the place where he was shot to where the bad guys are all dead. I estimate this could be a VERY long way, like what ... 10, 20, 50 miles or more?

    Del Toro then takes over one of the bad guys' cars and manages to drive back to the border and the USA. It is amazing that no one seemingly thinks there is something weird about this at the border, considering he has lost enough of his scalp to probably cause brain damage and does not (as far as I know) have a passport to identify himself, because he was pretending to be a poor Mexican who was going to be smuggled over the border.

    I read through several of the reviews of the show at IMDB (of which there are a disturbing number, many of which rate the show 10/10, probably written by bots). NONE of the reviews I read mentioned the above stupidities!!

    At the end of the show, back in the USA and some time later, Del Toro meets the kid who shot him in the back room of some place. He seems to be relatively OK!

    I have been watching H50 for 9 seasons and they never did anything so utterly absurd as this, though they have come close a few times (well, maybe "the claw").

    The scene where the drug kingpin's daughter escapes and runs into the desert is also very dumb. Del Toro says he will go after her and find her, because Brolin and his pals have to get back to the good old USA, where shit flies because of the "international incident" which resulted. I dunno how far away she got from him. Despite this, with the skill of an "Indian tracker," he manages to locate her and the two of them trudge across miles and miles of desert to the home of this mute dude who helps them on their journey.

    The "extra features" on this DVD are pretty funny. It is amazing the way the people who made this movie are carrying on, saying how great this show is!

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    You mean there's something actually WORSE!?

    What you pointed out, is why I don't watch certain movies. I think it was 'horror' movies from the 1980s and 1990s were the worst as far as how much blood would be around and there is NO WAY there is that much blood in one human body!!! Come on folks (those making these crazy things), I know you're going for over the top, but please you get into the realm of stupid way too many times!

    Thanks for sharing that Mr. Mike.

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