Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this website and forum searching for Hawaii Five-O filming locations. Namely a specific one in "The Big Aloha", Kincaid Ranch Hospital. I see that this was one of the episodes that was "entirely filmed in Hawaii". The reason I am looking for this location is because it appeared as an exterior shot in an episode of an 80s TV show called The Greatest American Hero. I am on a fan forum/fan site for that show and have done extensive work finding 95 to 98% of the locations in it. The Kincaid Ranch Hospital exterior (which looks untouched and the same as it looks in Hawaii Five-O) is one of those that have escaped me for the longest time. Does anyone have any clue or idea where this would happen to be in Hawaii? I've used Google Earth and street view to the best of my abilities as I have used it to find the other filming locations for TGAH and I can't come up with any results. Would greatly appreciate it if anyone has an answer or ideas for this location.