This was an okay episode. It brought back a new-old villain to be concerned about, but the storyline was confusing and not edited particularly well.

Remember Five-Zero nemesis hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence)? Last we saw of him, he escaped, causing Tani to be stunned/injured but spared.

He reappeared in this episode near the beginning, holding a gun to Tani, and telling her he needed her help. Aaron was working for a CIA cyberwarfare office in New York, where a team of eastern Europeans showed up and took out everyone in the office except for him.

Eventually it's revealed that the government had caught him but offered to let him come work for them, in lieu of prison, which he accepted. He claimed to have turned over a new leaf, and wasn't interested in crime anymore.

The latter part of the episode involved Wright helping Five-Zero solve that crime, which appeared to have been committed by the owner of a medical device company who was being blackmailed by one of Wright's co-workers.

However (spoiler alert!!!)....... it turned out that Wright was the bad guy all along! He was the one who hired that team of killers. When Five-Zero called Wright's handler and attempted to warn him, with McGarrett instructing him "Don't react to this", the handler foolishly reacted, and Wright shot him dead. As Mike would say, "DUH!!!"

Wright is last seen selling the CIA tech to some Asian foreigners, instructing them not to wreak havoc until he could escape the island, which they seemed to agree.

But there were tons of confusing elements here.

It seemed the medical device CEO was guilty of something -- likely paying off the dirty CIA operative who found evidence of their wrongdoing during their spying operation. But was Wright's murdered co-worker actually totally innocent, or was he actually blackmailing the guy, and Wright took advantage of it to then frame the medical device CEO for the murder? They didn't do a good job of explaining this.

Then there was the matter of Wright having the co-workers killed in the first place. Since he worked at the place, couldn't he just steal the tech himself, without having anyone murdered?
around with Wright's phone? Furthermore, I thought they were WORKING for Wright, so why would they have been trying to kill him?

One of the side plots involved Grover's brother and having his pastries copied by another store, and the whole thing went nowhere and was generally a waste of time.

The other involved Junior attending the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his sister. The drunk driver was portrayed as an extremely sympathetic and reformed character, which of course pushed Junior to not oppose his parole, thus potentially infuriating his father.

I didn't mind Wright being back on the show, but the entire plot wasn't done very well.

I give the episode two stars out of 4.