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Thread: Here are some original titles for Classic H50 episodes

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    The Flip Side of Death - originally The Cobweb Palace
    Hari-Kari Murder -- originally Hari-Kari: Suicide Murder, later Hara-Kiri
    Try To Die On Time -- originally Hickory Dickory Death
    Steal Now - Pay Later -- originally I Can Steal It For You Wholesale
    Loose Ends Get Hit -- originally Cross and Double Cross
    A Thousand Pardons -- You’re Dead! -- originally With One Stone
    The Young Assassins -- originally Nothing Personal Murders

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    Hara-Kari Murder - it's original title explains the Amazon title debacle for that episode

    The only one close to making sense is Steal Now -- Pay Later. The other ones, not so much But again, that's just me.

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