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Thread: S08E19 Turkey Shoot At Makapuu

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    It could be the late hour, it could be the wine - at least I'm being honest

    There is a serious cool factor in the episode - Turkey Shoot At Makapuu.

    It all boils down to characters:

    Molly - I know a couple of Mollys in real-life (granted, they each have 4 paws) but they are *cool*. As is the Molly in this episode. Lee Purcell is awesome! She's stubborn, vulnerable and determined. As a witness to her roommate's murder, she still needs support that she gets willing from Five-O - both McGarrett and Danno (who I'm sure made himself available in more ways than one). That's a conversation for later

    Draper - even though he's only seen for a short time, he seems to be one who can keep Molly reigned in. After he's killed (Spoiler alert! - OOPS!), she continues his dream - setting some record in hang-gliding.

    Carl - Unsung hero extraordinaire - I noticed him at the very start. One of the logistics-type, one of the many faces that make it work behind the scenes

    As far as the team goes, Chin Ho has a lot to do as well as McGarrett and, particularly Danno, are protective of Molly. Explains some of the interaction in a later episode, Practical Jokes Can Kill You - one of my favorites. No doubt they dated, then broke up. But it begs the question:who dumped whom!? (heehee)

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    In addition to the above, Lee Purcell is a harsh babe!!

    She was in a 2010 TV series called Persons Unknown, which was "sort of like" LOST, but it was a big flop and quickly cancelled. I don't think it even ended.

    According to some comments at IMDb, it was available for streaming from certain sites. Is it still available? (Not in Canada, I'm sure.)

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