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Thread: Highest Castle, Deepest Grave

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    I have re-viewed this episode.

    Almost perfect, except for one thing!

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    I watched this again tonight. I agree!

    Even the small nitpick you posted, while correct, wasn't at all a big deal to me. I noticed it too, by the way.

    This was really an excellent episode, and also very stylish and unique. You compared it to film noir, and a movie called Laura. I'm not familiar with that movie, but it definitely had film noir elements to it. I've always enjoyed film noir, so this episode especially appealed to me.

    I kind of saw the twist coming, especially when Mondrago confessed with 13 minutes left (meaning he didn't really do it). Also, McGarrett was acting very unlike himself in this one, developing a weird obsession with the woman in the painting, and making that late night visit alone to Mondrago's house where he was very vulnerable. In fact, McGarrett in general was very subdued in the episode.

    Definite four star episode, though, and often underrated when people consider their favorites.

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