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Thread: Classic H50 - Top 5 and Bottom 5 episodes (user ratings)

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    Ratings on IMDb:


    Over Fifty? Steal (1970) 9.1/10
    'V' for Vashon: The Father (1972) 8.7
    Hookman (1973) 8.7
    'V' for Vashon: The Son (1972) 8.6
    'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch (1972) 8.6


    The Golden Noose (1980) 5.4
    School for Assassins (1980) 5.3
    Small Potatoes (1978) 5.2
    The Moroville Covenant (1980)
    Sign of the Ram (1979) 4.7
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    The top five I get, the bottom five I mostly get...

    I consider Small Potatoes not a top episode certainly but it is definitely better than "When Does A War End?" (bleh!) I just watched the latter recently and yep, it's terrible. Also I consider "To Hell With Babe Ruth" among the bottom five. It's like nails on a chalkboard.

    The Moroville Covenant would be in the bottom six just because of the weirdest, creepiest ending I have ever seen. I get chills (not the good kind either!) just thinking about it.

    Interesting though that four out of the five "Bottom 5" are from Season 12.

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