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Thread: What!? There was *another* reboot?

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    Cruising today, there's an article (from December 2018) from Science A2Z "Critics Say: These Are The Worst TV Shows Of The New Millennium"....

    One is from 2004 titled "Hawaii" (that's the link) was for NBC. What the what!?!? I've never even heard of it and that's probably a good thing

    Here's what they had to say:

    "Hawaii premiered on NBC in 2004, but it failed to survive for a full season; after only seven episodes, the network pulled the plug. They didnít even bother airing the eighth episode, despite it having been filmed and produced. The ratings were so terrible it wasnít worth putting anyone through the hell of another failed reception for the poor, dismal show. As you may have guessed from the name, Hawaii was supposed to be a new, revamped version of the cult classic, Hawaii Five-O. But this cop drama fell flat on its face with critics saying it didnít even come close to comparing to the show that inspired it.

    While there were many scathing critiques to choose from, we feel The San Francisco Chronicle hit the nail right on the head with their review: ďHawaii isnít half as cool as Hawaii Five-O, nor nearly as frothy fun as Magnum P.I. What it amounts to, in an ocean of really good cop shows across the dial, is a retro failure built around people you donít really care about saying stupid things you canít muster enough interest to snicker over.Ē Harsh but, we dare say, fair."

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    Although reboot is probably a misnomer

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    There was another reboot talked about in 2008: (from August 2008)

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