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Thread: 1997 pilot...huh!?

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    I was able to recently watch the 1997 pilot and while it had some neat nuggets for stories, I was left scratching my head.

    Besides the obvious blunder, there were other things that don't make sense to me. The research for the pilot does not even rate as sub-par, it's worse!! According to what I've read, Cannell "watched the best episodes". Did he only go so far as watching certain seasons? If that's the case, then WHY oh WHY, is Truck THERE!!?? And where are Kimo and Lori!? I get everybody else, but I'm floored that Truck is one of the three we first see.

    As far as their biggest blunder with Chin Ho, didn't anyone think about casting Kam Fong as one of Chin Ho's cousins!? He's got like a million of them (ok, not really, but they are mentioned A LOT through the series). It is entirely possible one of his cousins could have worked at HPD and possibly liaison with Five-O. *That* would have made much more sense. I know it's far-fetched but it would be much better than trying to bring someone back from the dead.

    One last thing I noticed that I'll post here (there are so many more and with many thanks to Mr. Mike for having the pages available), the script called for McGarrett to give the speech and it wound up being delivered by Danno. There was **NO** change in the wording!!! I know political banalities are hard to write but for real!?! Really guys!?! Really!? You couldn't even tweak SOMETHING? I know they were close during the series run but NOT that close. They were two individuals with their own minds and own way of doing things, both inside the law of course. It's one of the reasons Season 12 (again, there are many) ranks last among all the Seasons, at least to me.

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    Where were you able to watch this?

    As bad as it probably was, I'd like to see it.

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