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    … does a Postman always bring vitally important letters, but never any unsolicited catalogues or bills or junk mail?

    … does a landlady invariably have an IQ of 65, except when it comes to remembering the height, weight and hair color of every stranger that visited one of her tenants?

    … can people dial so many calls in frantic haste without ever reaching a wrong number, a busy signal or a recording?

    … can someone, breaking into a strange office in total darkness, never fail to locate that one important piece of evidence that the police couldn't find when they went over the place with a fine-tooth comb in broad daylight?

    … is a home-made time bomb expected to explode right on the split second, even though it's always attached to the type of cheap alarm clock that is notoriously inaccurate?

    … are planes and boats always completely serviced and ready for instant departure, just waiting for crooks to show up and steal so they can make their getaways?

    … do newspapers ignore things like inflation, wars and unemployment in order to devote their page one headlines to some second-rate crime that almost nobody cares about?

    … can a person take one quick glance into a rear-view mirror and immediately differentiate between a car that's tailing him and one that just happens to be going his way?

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    ... do all high school students look 25 years old?

    ... can any computer in the world be hacked into within a matter of seconds, giving the hacker full and complete control of the deivce?

    ... are people allowed to make long, emotional speeches in court without the permission of the judge?

    ... do car chases never seem to run into traffic?

    ... can someone be in a brutal fistfight and escape without the slightest mark on their face (or if they have one, it heals within hours)?

    ... are criminal gangs usually multi-ethnic?

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    I like the list

    I was laughing so hard at your last one Mr. Mike - because don't forget the one shot where it seems like McGarrett and Danno are in the guy's back seat - just thinking about is making me laugh!!

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