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    For a bit of variety, I reviewed this 12th season show, which is very bad. I think there will be many more 12th season episodes getting the revised rating of "BOMB" this time around...

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    I would agree with that assessment Mr. Mike. After my recent re-views, there were several that I said to myself, "I hate this episode" as I closed the player.

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    The series really started to show its age in Year 10. I noticed that as a pattern the production as a whole from the quality of the writing through post-production was very solid particularly towards the beginning of each season but pretty much sustained throughout. However, this changed drastically in the last several years whereby occasionally there would be an episode that worked on multiple levels. One such example was A Very Personal Matter whose story was a timely one and was well-executed by the principals. However, there were far too many instances in which material that had been explored in prior episodes was generally replicated which made for a sense of inevitability that the series had run its course.

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