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Thread: Production Order vs. Numerical Order

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    So in my latest binge viewing (can it even be called that if I went through the entire series? ), I viewed the episodes in production order rather than numerical order. There are a few things I came away with:

    1. Except for the "Six Kilos" and "The Box" issue in Season 1, there really isn't *that* much difference. I know it's been pointed out before, but each episode is its own encapsulated adventure. The rare exceptions include the Vashon trilogy and the two-part episodes that were made as two-parters. The main reason for this is the lack of time stamps. There are some episodes with them but not many.

    2. Season 9 makes far more sense in production order simply because of the Territorial Building move. All the episodes taking place there are together and not scattered about the season.

    3. I got the feeling they knew what order the episodes were going to air. Again, could be the lack of time stamps and the fact they found they had some flexibility.

    4. Season 11 is a bigger hot mess than I previously thought. What time stamps they have are all over the place and range from June 1978 to January 1979 and it's not sequential in either order! I will say this, it looked as if they knew Season 11 would be the last. The final shots in The Skyline Killer and The Execution File have a finality feel to them. In the first, McGarrett is standing atop an under construction skyscraper with Honolulu below. The Execution File has the Marquis Grand Brougham drive out of the shot before it freeze frames on the girls throwing frisbee. As if the adventures will continue, but perhaps in another form.

    5. Season 12 is still a hot mess and then some. In production order, Who Says Cops Don't Cry (1st in order) was filmed prior to A Lion In The Streets (4th in order). Here is proof they knew what was going to air when. Kimo is right in the middle of things yet he hasn't been introduced yet. S12E06 - Image Of Fear (bleh!) is the first episode (5th in order) everyone is working together after being properly introduced. We also see them in The Moroville Covenant (2nd) and Labyrinth (3rd) working together but again, Kimo and Truck haven't been introduced only Lori has.

    Just some of my thoughts as I just got done powering through Season 12. I'm sure someone has brought this up before but thought I'd share anyway.

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    This file

    will illustrrate which episodes Sharon Farrell was in during the 12th season and how they manipulated the order so she appeared in the second to last show.

    There is another file which shows something similar for Al Harrington in the 7th season:

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