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Thread: Another 13th Season Episode Uncovered

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    McGarrett and Nicole Wylie (Marj Dusay) return to Singapore to celebrate the anniversary of McGarrett rescuing her in S02E09. The two are seen "doing it like monkeys" in a fancy hotel, as far as network TV in the early 1980s will allow. However, McGarrett has to contend with Ronnie Revasco, the son of the man Nicole testified against in the earlier episode. He is played by Mr. T, because he is the only actor whose hairstyle was considered wacky enough to resemble that of the character playing his father. Pursued by Ronnie, McGarrett and Nicole make their way back to Honolulu, fleeing through Thailand where there is a confrontation at a shrine again played by the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu. Stuntman Beau Van Den Ecker plays 5 different characters during the shoot-out; all of them are killed in spectacular fashion.

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    One of those guys falls off an elephant breaking his neck after being shot at by McGarrett in a rare miss for the top cop!

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