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Thread: The Plots Thicken

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    Season Two is pretty well finished as far as my re-anal-ysis is concerned, and soon it will be the 50th anniversary of that season's shows! Bobbi has helped, doing most of the plots (I only had done a couple) for season two. Thank you, Bobbi!

    I am kind of stuck on season three shows, it's a tough slog for some reason. Maybe the thought of having to do 10 more seasons is slowing me down, LOL.

    I have jumped around a bit, doing the $100,000 Nickel in season 6 and School for Assassins (ugh) in season 12. Also Cop on the Cover in season 10, and Bobbi is again helping out with the plots for season 10.

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    You're welcome!! I love your site Mr. Mike

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    Really enjoying the redone reviews. Keep it going!

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