I know I'm not going to remember all of them so I'm hoping someone can help with their nominees.

We have seen some serious characters get their noses out of joint on the smallest things. There's also some who are so manipulative, the urge to slap them is strong! Anyway, as I'm watching 'The Silk Trap' is occurs to me Andrea King deserves a place in a hall of fame somewhere along the line. She's rude and has an attitude for days, talk about a big chip on her shoulder!

So here's my list of some of the women who are total jerks in Five-O (and I know it won't be all-inclusive):

S10E03 Cop On The Cover: Terri O'Brien, attitude for days and she gets at least an Honorable Mention!

S10E15 The Silk Trap: Andrea King, in charge of the beauty pageant (and double-agent!)

S10E19 When Does A War End?: Alicia Wade, Muromoto's secretary and war criminal hunter who whines A LOT! (bleh!)

S10E17 Tall On The Wave: D.A. Sunada, major attitude and I'm trying to figure out why!

S11E09 A Long Time Ago: Melissa Cole, lie, lie and more lies; a major manipulator in so many ways! Wants the cops to kill her boyfriend.

S11E16 The Bark And The Bite: Dilys Conover and her sister Laura (two for the price of one!), major attitude from both

S12E11 Labyrinth: Lisa, she's one cold-blooded killer!

S07E17 Small Witness, Large Crime: Frances Chai, public defender who has some attitude but she has redeeming qualities too. So Honorable Mention.

S08E21 The Capsule Kidnapping: Asuko Sunada, radical Japanese Red Army agent

S01E14 Up Tight: Donna Wales, Eadie's best friend and probably more over her head than anything, but she gives McGarrett attitude

S01E19&20 Once Upon A Time: Dr. C.L. Fremont, quack extraordinaire - nuff said!

S02E13 The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!: Jo Louise Mailer, spoiled rich girl who invents a twisted game to see who she'll marry (bleh!)

S02E18 Killer Bee: Emilia Watson, I think Mr. Mike put it best, "is probably the most dysfunctional parent in all of Five-O"

S03E13 The Payoff: Madge, greedy little (bleep!)

S03E18&19 F.O.B. Honolulu: Nicole Fleming, another greedy little (bleep!)

S04E06 ...And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots: Bill Shem's mother, an utter (bleep!) - nuff said!

S04E21 Good Night Baby, Time To Die!: Carol Rhodes, master manipulator who gave McGarrett a bunch of attitude

S05E20 Little Girl Blue: Marion Scott, paid the guys to set events into motion by kidnapping her granddaughter!

S06E04 One Big Happy Family: Sadie, how could I forget her? She's just creepy!