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Thread: Off the wall "What If...?"

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    Don't ask me why but this has entered my brain and I got to put it out here...

    My "what if?" question is what if Danno had been around for Season 12?

    The obvious answer would be things would certainly be different but by how much? I suspect he would have been pushed back even further than he had the previous two seasons (I noticed in Season 10 but others' mileage may vary). As well, were they really prepped to have no less than 6 members on the Five-O team including McGarrett? That's a lot of folks to keep in engaged.

    I have found it interesting to contemplate the last few days.

    I could say I know the story of how things happened in the real world but I believe I only have an inkling.

    Any ideas on any of the angles?
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    I don't think the show would have made Season 13 either way.

    They had run out of ideas, the writing went into the toilet, and Jack Lord took too much creative control.

    Seasons 1-7 had a lot of great episodes, and relatively few bad ones.

    Season 8 was decent, but was the first season where there was a noticeable overall decline.

    Season 9 was again decent, but also was inferior to seasons 1-7.

    Season 10 was substantially worse than 8-9, and the show honestly should have ended there.

    Season 11 was clearly the second-worst season, only better than 12.

    Season 12 was mostly an abomination, with a few good episodes here and there.

    I do wonder if James MacArthur was becoming aware that the show was circling the drain, and jumped off the ship before it was finally going to sink. Not a bad idea, actually. His mother had a lot of show biz experience, so perhaps she advised him to do so.

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    I agree with your assessment Todd. Season 9 is my favorite, I'm not sure why but I think it's because we see other aspects to the characters and it was obvious the cast were really comfortable in their roles. However, I will agree it doesn't measure up to the first 7 seasons.

    The show should have stopped at 10. It was also obvious, at least to me, Jack Lord was trying hard to put himself in as positive a light as much as possible. What I mean, he/McGarrett swoops in to save the day in more episodes in the last three seasons than probably any other and it really wasn't needed.

    I also agree with your last point, I'm sure James MacArthur saw what was going on and he strikes me as somebody who was pretty smart about such things.

    Holy cow! This is my 100th post!!

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    Bobbi, congrats on being the first "Officer" on this forum! (Look at the rank underneath your name!)

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    Woo-hoo!! That's cool.

    To stay on topic I forgot to mention in my reply, I knew 13 wasn't going to happen. The show had definitely run it's course.

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