I binge-watched the whole first season of this Israeli thriller show the other day (all 10 episodes!!).

These hooded guys invade the house where the mother in the family is a surgeon in this hospital in Jerusalem where the Israeli prime minister is gonna have an operation, something minor. The bad guys tell the doctor that if she doesn't screw up the operation so the PM dies, her family will all be killed. (Does this sound familiar?)

You would think that this show would be difficult to create a whole season out of, but there are a lot of interesting twists and turns. There are also a few things that are stupid and you have to check Wikipedia to figure out what is going on, but Wikipedia's page on this show is not that great.

There is ANOTHER season (2) that I have to watch, though I shall resist watching it all at once. A lot of stuff gets explained in the first episode of the second season which was not explained very well in the entire first season.