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Thread: Some mods to my Classic H50 review site

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    I've added a couple of features to the reviews.

    First, whenever there is a "bookem," you can now click on the red type in white which will let you listen to the exact dialog from the show.

    The first instance in the series is in "Twenty-Four Karat Kill":

    There are also further examples in the first season's "Along Came Joey," and "Six Kilos."

    More to come...

    Also, instead of typing out the opening and end credits manually, which involves bringing an older version of the pages forth and then editing them (which is a major pain in the ass), I have just taken videos for the two credits from each show and linked it to the page. You can see where I am trying this out in the sixth season in the first few shows:

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    I like the videos. Saves a bunch of typing I'm sure.

    Thank you for all the work you do on your site Mr. Mike - it's always appreciated!!

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