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Thread: A Thousands Pardons -- You're Dead! turns 50!

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    Wow, 50 years ago tonight, A Thousands Pardons aired on CBS. This episode had a military angle and what seemed like a rip-off scheme. It was actually uglier than that because an Army sergeant was out for revenge against what he called "tramps".

    I like this episode and it has been awhile since I watched it because of other projects A couple of the highlights were no doubt Loretta Swit (her first TV credit even though it was short) as Anna Stockton Schroeder and especially Barbara Luna (this was her first of two Five-O appearances) as Yoko Collins. These ladies gave the episode heart and showed them stuck between a rock and a hard place. This was apparent in Yoko's interactions with Danno who was sent undercover to find out what was going on because when Anna was found, she had a receipt for $10,000 which was insurance money from her dead "husband" but there was no money.

    Sergeant Simms (Harry Guardino) had a nice scheme going between him, James Watanu (James Hong) and Betsy (Barbara Nichols). Simms provided the dead GIs, Watanu faked marriage certificates and Betsy provided the girls. It's found out pretty quick two other girls were killed due to accidents and thus why they sent Danno in to find out what he could from Yoko. Yoko isn't all that cooperative because now that Anna has been killed, she feels she could be next.

    The series started its second season with a literal bang as Sergeant Simms got blasted by Five-O and HPD in the finale.

    There's several highlights in this episode for me. Danno gives himself a nasty hangover (I have to time when I watch this episode because if I'm not feeling well, I know I will throw up watching the office scene) rather than "killing plants". He's really hard on himself when his undercover job goes nowhere fast as far as information gained (it goes well in other areas ). I found myself liking the interaction between McGarrett and Betsy as they obviously know one another and she gives a hint on how hard it is to run a bar in 1969 Honolulu. The barbs exchanged between McGarrett and Simms are fun to watch too as McGarrett has no patience for Simms' attitude, no doubt something he was aware of after Simms chewed out Chin Ho when the latter asked about the insurance information on the soldiers killed. I love Chin Ho's line of "Next time, I'll be more GI." There's more I'm sure I missed, this episode is packed full!

    Happy 50th!

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    That is cool, thank you Bobbi! I do like this episode too - it has a cool crime "scheme" to it involving the forged marriage certificates, but like many of schemes, the more people involved, the more likely it's going to implode! It's a great episode to start Season 2. I believe the DVD has a "Episodic Promo" for this episode as well.

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