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Thread: Season 10 Premiere Reviewed

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    Enjoyed the review Mr. Mike! Thank you!

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    I have made some mods in the review, so please check it out again.

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    I like it! You added some stuff on the monster truck. Yeah, they're not easy to hide..DUH!

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    Good review, Mike. I agree with it.

    Lots of head-scratching scenes in this mostly-underwhelming season premiere. The monster truck was ridiculous, but it didn't bother me. Just kind of a silly gimmicky action scene which was mildly entertaining if you didn't think about it too much. Of course they had to make sure there was a scene where the monster truck ran over cars on the street.

    Two things bothered me most about this episode:

    1) The cliche timing of the good guy (in this case Adam) finding out that the villain is nearby during a phone call, and the villain firing upon their position literally a second later, not even giving the good guy enough time to get everyone on the floor in time.

    2) The man "bad guy" of the episode actually being a sympathetic character, and the show totally glossing over it and treating him like a heinous criminal!

    Think about it... Cullen, who set up those hits, was getting back at gangsters who killed his wife and kid many years ago. Are we supposed to root against him?

    And now he's going to be the major villain of the season who Five-Zero chases? Please! Give me back Gabriel Waincroft!

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