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Thread: S02E02 turns 50

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    The second season marched on 50 years ago today with "To Hell With Babe Ruth". As Mr. Mike writes in his review, "This show is bad, one of the worst." I agree wholeheartedly.

    The premise isn't bad but the combination of horrible casting and bad execution puts this episode 10 years ahead of its time (get it? it should have been in Season 12)

    The only one not badly cast is Virginia Wing as Heather, the daughter of a man out of his own time. Again, the premise had promise but there are just too many missteps to make up. It was as if they keeping digging the hole and didn't know when to stop.

    I do find it crazy when McGarrett was atop the fuel tank telling Nagata the attack on Pearl Harbor was "28 years ago" because it was at that point! Time marches on.

    What is interesting is in the latest documentary from Ken Burns, "Country Music" mentioning WWII for a short time. One of the things they go into is the battle cry of the Japanese soldiers when they went after the Americans, "To hell with Roosevelt, To hell with Babe Ruth, To hell with Roy Acuff." Acuff was one of the biggest country stars at the time. I found it interesting anyway. There was no mention of the pilots who bombed Pearl saying it though, as far as I know, it was only the ground troops.

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    That was a bad one - which is so rare for an early season episode. And yes, "28 years ago" isn't very long, it's amazing to think that the quote today would be "78 years ago"

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