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Thread: Wo Fat...puh-leeze!

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    Does anyone else feel like throat punching Wo Fat in S03E01 And A Time To Die...?

    There is a specific line as he proposes to Dr. and Janet Forbes the return of their daughter unharmed as long as Shepard dies. "But I'm just as much a victim of this situation as you, your husband and the child." you're not. You started this garbage Wo!!!

    Needless to say, I just cussed at my computer.

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    I always assumed with that line, Wo Fat is indicating he is being directed or forced to carry out these affairs, but that is kind of a hard pill to swallow.
    This is one of my favorite Wo Fat episodes. During what is probably the same conversation you're referring to, he says a line about why the Forbes' should believe him and says that in his line of work, it is critical that he keeps his promises so that everyone believes his threats, or something similar. I always liked that line. Also I thought it was interesting that Wo Fat alludes to some of his background, where he describes his sister (I believe?) running out into gunfire

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    I think you are thinking of this dialog. It doesn't specifically say that Wo was related to either of these two people. The dialog doesn't really end, it just sort of runs out...

    "I knew a little girl once. It was a long time ago. Or so it seems now. It was a time of great fighting in my country. I tried to keep her from being afraid. Her mother and I. And I don't think she was. Or perhaps I just want to think so. Then one day during the fighting, she ran into the street and..."

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