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Thread: What would you have changed about the new H50?

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    Up for new H50 discussion:

    "What one thing would you have changed in the first nine years of H50? How would that have impacted how the story progressed?"

    (You can discuss it here too if you want )

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    This is an interesting question and I really don't have answer except from what I've observed from the outside looking in (I don't watch the reboot).

    But I will say this, if I could change one thing it would be to have the pilot hook me in more and to get the facts straight (no palm trees in North Korea peeps!). I'm not sure how to fix that first part except maybe not force things so much or better yet, give it more of a feel of Five-O and not like every other series on TV.

    I went to the link and I liked what some of the folks said. I know the show was trying to do its own thing but I think they went so far away from the original (not a perfect show by any means) they became like every other show. It's like NCIS in Hawaii but not as good.

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    Funny how the commenters (presumably mostly middle-aged women) are mostly lamenting Steve and Catherine breaking up.

    I was never big on the Catherine romance. The romance plotlines just don't work with Five-Zero McGarrett. The character just kind of seems married to the job, and not really one who ha a lot of chemistry with women. I think they'd be better off keeping this McGarrett single and seemingly without romance, just as they did with original McGarrett.

    Things I'd have liked to have seen done differently:

    - Don't kill off Wo Fat, and don't tie this whole foolish plotline to McGarrett's mother

    - No "annoying Five-O relatives" who suddenly appear and become a major plotline

    - More time spent on the main plotlines and no time wasting with cutesy scenes or "Ohana" nonsense

    - Put Danny back with his ex-wife and be done with it

    - Stop killing off recurring villains off-screen. Make all of their deaths at the hands of one of the Five-Zero team members, after some kind of bad-ass battle.

    - Erase the entire plotline of Steve and Danny wanting to be in the restaurant business. Worst plotline ever. Notice that, despite having been "sold" to Kamekona, it's not ever mentioned anymore, even when Kamekona was involved?

    - Speaking of Kamekona, I preferred him as "semi-shady street Hustler who has a mutually beneficial relationship with Five-O" rather than the current incarnation of "shrimp truck owner who keeps trying to expand to other businesses".

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