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Thread: Friday's show (S10E02) reviewed

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    Great review as always, though I liked this episode more than you did, and I thought it was a step up from last week’s lackluster season premiere. I did try not to think about it too hard, but overall I thought the main cave-in story was well-done, though the fugitive storyline was unnecessarily convoluted. 3-stars from me.

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    I call BS on the cave-in in the teaser (the only part I saw). While some rocks will bounce off vehicles, that SUV should have been flattened and the arguing couple dead.

    Unfortunately, we live with here in Alaska on the Seward Highway where people have been hurt and killed by rockfalls (the road is open, not in a tunnel).

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    Not a bad episode (better than the convoluted season premiere), but I hated the ending, where they were able to be lifted out of the cave through a fairly large ventilation hole, simply by turning off the fan.

    As Mr. Mike would say, "DUH!"

    How could they even be struggling for air if such a large (and somehow previously unseen) hole existed in the ceiling?

    They could have done something better regarding getting the people out. This was a cop-out.

    I agree with Bobbi regarding the initial cave-in. Those huge rocks coming down on that SUV would have definitely killed the bickering couple. At first I was sure that was what happened, and they were the beginning-of-the-episode sacrificial lambs of the week. Nope! They survived, and were barely hurt.

    The dynamite in the toolbox thing was stupid. How was that supposed to kill McGarrett? The explosives weren't nearly big eough to destroy the property. I thought maybe the guy was trying to just blow up the tool box itself, but nope... that was supposed to be an attempt on McGarrett's life. Yeah right!

    The McGill, Nevada location referenced in the show is real, and very remote. It's in eastern Nevada, located slightly north of Ely, and far from any city of real consequence. The closest major city to McGill is Salt Lake City, which is 228 miles away!

    However, it's unlikely that a drug manufacturing operation could exist there without detection, as it's a tiny town where it would be hard to blend in and be left alone.

    Danno was unnecessarily whiny at the end regarding the dog getting the only steak, given that the dog really did save people's lives that day.

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