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    Nice review as always Mr. Mike!

    I accidentally watched this show (the pack's mom was home sick and we didn't change the channel after the local news) and I hated it.

    I get the ass-kicking was appealing, but the fact the girl took out all the CID guys and made them look incompetent really rubbed me the wrong way. It downright ticked me off. Of course one of the Five-0 ladies shoots her in the end but are you really telling me only the women of Five-0 are competent enough to take her out? What is up with THAT!? It's like there's shades of the original where only McGarrett was capable of taking anyone in (especially the later seasons) never mind he's got a great team behind him! (bleh!)

    If this was an improvement over the previous three shows, I'm really glad I didn't watch them.

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    I don't agree with Mike's 3.5 star rating, though I always enjoy his reviews.

    This was the best of the four episodes this season, but it still had plenty of problems.

    Why did they have to go to Wright in the first place in order to identify the IP address of the villain's breach, and what that IP address resolved to? The DoD should have been able to look that stuff up within seconds.

    It's also not at all realistic that the spy could have logged into the DoD from a coffee shop. It's not like a simple web portal with a username and password. It requires a secure connection from a machine with a specific piece of security hardware, and also cannot be connected to via Wi-fi.

    Mike is correct that the "upload" thing didn't make sense, when the spy was clearly downloading data.

    Like Bobbi, I didn't enjoy the action sequence where the thin, female spy is able to take out an entire team of trained CID guys in hand-to-hand combat. In general, I have a problem when small females repeatedly take down multiple big men on Five-0, but this episode took it to an extreme.

    It is far fetched that, without the device she used at the coffee shop, Wright could have figured out where the stolen data on time release was stored. Once the spy downloaded that data, she could have uploaded it anywhere, and the DoD server would not have had "breadcrumbs" (???) regarding what she did next. It's like you getting a hamburger at McDonald's, driving off, and then the next day, they ask the cashier where you eventually ate the burger. He'd have no idea, nor would there be any evidence at the McDonald's as to where you went next!

    I agree with Mike that the "1 terabyte" download would have taken an eternity, even on a fast connection. However, Wright could have examined those files without downloading them all, so it's reasonable that he could have done so when working with Five-Zero.

    The early sequence of the show involves the spy being grabbed by three men attempting to kidnap her for ransom (as part of a separate plot, where the kidnappers believed she was a teenage girl from a rich family), but it was never made clear how she was targeted. Since she didn't actually have any "parents" living with her, why would it have been assumed she was from a family rich enough to pay a huge ransom? (It's explained that the building's doorman turned out to be the ringleader, who got killed, but why they targeted her specifically was not explained.)

    The "edge" of Quinn Lu's character is already wearing off. She's becoming more of a generic Five-Zero female character, and it seems they might be pushing away from a Lu/McGarrett romance. Hmmm...

    It is implied near the beginning of the episode that Quinn Lu was raped at some point, but that plot point is abruptly dropped when the young female "victim" is revealed to be a North Korean spy.

    I didn't like how the spy character spoke perfect English with zero accent. That's very unlikely for a North Korean spy who only recently traveled to the US.

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