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Thread: Savage Sunday turns 50!

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    Here's an episode with guerrillas trying to steal arms from Hawaii and sneak them back to their country. If I recall, this is the first episode like this but it will not be the last.

    The band is led by Elpidio Acuna (Henry Silva) who is trying to fight against his oppressive government. During the warehouse standoff and after the guns are stolen, McGarrett breaks in through a skylight and wounds Acuna who fights this injury for the rest of the episode. In the end, Five-O tracks down Acuna and the arms. They take him in alive much to the relief of his pregnant wife Marla (Julie Gregg).

    Check out Mr. Mike's awesome review of this episode:

    I mention the review because there is one point I will definitely agree on, the music. It's "cheerful" and "perky," not what you would expect for so serious a subject matter. Another point I agree on, the scene in McGarrett's office where Danno and Chin make snide comments about Kono's weight. Were they trying to be funny? Because it just comes across as mean, not what I would expect from these guys - that's a bit disappointing.

    This episode also gives us some stock shots such as the HPD unit driving by the church. I think the ambulance driving down the street at night at the end is another stock shot but it was used before.

    I don't know if a change of music would have helped this episode that much but it would have helped. I agree with Mr. Mike and his 2.5 star rating. Happy 50th!

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    I haven't posted in a while though I love the original 5-0 and am in the middle of yet another series re-watch, currently in season 2.

    That said, some head scratching plot lines in this episode:

    1. They capture Silva, but have only one guard on the door in the hospital?

    2. At the end Silva (with his wife) us shooting from the truck...... why be so nice to them?

    (And stepping back, in the real world no cop would behave as McGarrett does in setting himself up as a sitting duck climbing down from the rope like that -- or even frankly charging into the building. A SWAT team might, maybe; one cop never does.)


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    Guards at hospital doors are notoriously weak/incompetent/not well staffed in TV shows.

    Five-O is often guilty of this.

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    I remember when I first saw this episode being surprised by Julie Gregg as the gun toting revolutionary wife. Before this, the only thing I knew her for was an episode of "Batman" as the Penguin's moll, affecting a Marilyn Monroe voice. "Savage Sunday" and a lot of other dramatic guest shots she did (especially a "Kojak" in 1974) made me realize what a great actress she was.

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