Again! I'm a day late, almost two. S02E06 - A Bullet For McGarrett turned 50 on October 29th!

Not one of the best episodes and we get a cameo from Wo Fat. This concerned a whole bunch of hypnosis. What begins with a murder of a known Chinese spy, the Five-O team thinks his murder is connected with that, but it's not (or does it?). The episode itself can be confusing and isn't helped with some missteps. For example, the face powder Karen Adamson (Sheila Larkin) is initially spilled poolside but two shots are inconsistent to its location and the fact Danno breaks into her locker and leaves a big streak on it when he closes it! Duh!

It's the first time we see Eric Braeden in the series. He's Dr. Farrar who was brainwashed by Wo Fat when he was a POW during the Korean War and is in turn brainwashing others to do their bidding. In this episode they turn a policewoman against McGarrett and is played by Marianne McAndrew. I always like her but how Farrar hypnotizes her is far-fetched to say the least. It's drug-induced and is a plot device we see later in another Wo Fat episode, S08E01 - Murder--Eyes Only.

Also, as Mr. Mike points out in his review, the 'accident' that kills Karen Adamson is hard to take because the truck did have enough time to stop never mind there was a lot of blood on the scene. It didn't make any sense which could be said of a lot of the episode. It's been awhile since I've watched but I remember scratching my head going "huh?" in different parts. I don't know if it was a script issue or execution but premise was decent. It could also be a case of too much of a good thing, perhaps less red herrings would have helped. Anyway, Happy 50th!