I've been going through a lot of shows from the Season 7 to 9 bracket of late that I hadn't seen in a while and a couple I think I missed the first time I bought the DVD set. "Double Exposure" I can't recall seeing before. The story in Mike's review about how they made the villains deliberately outsized (especially Thayer David, who was the villain in the great 1959 movie "Journey To The Center Of The Earth") to compensate for a "cliched" script certainly makes a lot of sense. The ending with McGarrett coming in blazing with a machine gun in a helicopter and putting his men and the hostage at risk was also absurd.

Meg Foster's character Anne, an actress turned aspiring photographer was clearly based on Candice Bergen who at that point in time was going through a phase of turning to photography instead of acting. One flaw I noticed or maybe I missed it is that Danno asks Duke to have Che examine the planted sunglasses for prints but we never get a report on this!