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Thread: King Kamehameha Blues

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    Today is the 50th anniversary of the original broadcast of Classic #H50 S02E08 "King Kamehameha Blues," shown on 11/12/69. College kids steal the revered cloak of King Kamehameha as an anti-establishment prank. Stars Brandon deWilde, best known for his performance in the film Shane.

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    Thank you Mr. Mike!! I love your reviews!!

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    When I visit my Mom who is an assisted living facility, I always bring some 5-O DVD's. She enjoys watching the old classics because it takes her back in time. However, I cannot pick episodes that are too complicated or she is unable to follow along. King Kamehameha Blues is one episode I was thinking of that is pretty straightforward, and I plan on watching it with her next time I visit with her. It's a great way to spend some time. She always seems really shocked that all (or nearly all) of the main characters on the shows are now deceased. She's also really surprised that I watch with her, even though I know the whole plot already, lol!!!!

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