Tonight, 50 years ago: we had "The Singapore File".

McGarrett receives a phone call from Nicole Wylie (Marj Dusay) who has been hiding out in Singapore to keep from testifying against gangster Revasco (Daniel Leegant). Her life hasn't turned out the way she planned and wants out. McGarrett goes to Singapore to bring her back even though both he and Danno know it could be a trap but he's willing to take the chance to nail Revasco.

Mr. Mike gives this episode 4 stars in his excellent review:

It is well deserved because this episode has everything: intrigue, a bit of romance, action and an excellent shoot out in the "Philippines" which is actually at the Valley of the Temples on Oahu! McGarrett has to improvise quite a bit after his wallet is lost (no money) after killing the corrupt Inspector Tan (Raymond Tan). He secures passage on a freighter for himself and Nicole and is able to get a message back to Five-O thus sending Chin to back him in the Philippines.

This episode isn't one of my favorites but everything about it is strong: the story, the acting and the photography. I don't believe it would be a stretch to call this one an epitome of the series, especially in it's early seasons. Happy 50th!!