50 years ago... All The King's Horses and this is one of my favorites! As Mr. Mike points out in his awesome review: http://www.fiveohomepage.com/5-0log2.htm#33 this episode is jam packed!!

Mike Finney (James Gregory) faces an uphill battle when an ambitious attorney Charles Irwin (Jason Evers) calls Finney in front of a Legislative committee investigating organized crime. Now Finney isn't innocent, back in the day he was an enforcer and ran rackets. However, after his stint in prison he settled in Hawaii making a name for himself by legitimate means, the flower business. These guys have their back up men: Finney has Rudy (Charles Gilbert) and Irwin has Joe Fletcher (Lyle Bettger) who both meet their end in the episode when bullets start flying. In the middle are Five-O, Finney's daughter Judith (Karen Huston), and Senator Oishi (Keye Luke) who is heading the committee and having a tough time keeping Irwin reined in.

I like this episode a lot for so many reasons. I have always liked James Gregory and I wished he could have guest starred on Five-O more than the two times he did (he was the original Jonathan Kaye in "Cocoon"). We see McGarrett go to bat for someone who he believes has paid his debt to society but my favorite scene in the entire episode is Oishi telling McGarrett about his past and the ramifications of being "a Jap" then an "Oriental" but now he's "an American". Keye Luke is one of my favorite actors too and I really liked him in his role of Oishi.

When I wrote out the plot for this episode, it was one of the largest ones I've written because there was SO MUCH. As Mr. Mike wrote, "This is a slam-bang show, not a second to spare" and he's right! This definitely deserves the four star rating Mr. Mike gave it and is one of the early shows I like to go back to and watch. Also of note, the title has 'Horse' in it but it is one episode that has nothing to do with heroin!! Happy 50th "All The King's Horses"!!