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Thread: S10E09 reviews (Nov. 22 show)

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    Hmmm, I thought I had posted my review of this episode, but I think I didn't push the "Submit" button, so here it is:

    There have been some minor mods since I originally finished the review anyway...

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    I read over your review Mr. Mike and well done as usual

    I again watched the teaser for this one and wanted baby to slap Scott Caan and his mush mouth! When he walked into the door and said mold was the reason he was crashing there, I didn't catch the first time, only when he repeated it did I catch it. I was so ticked off - stop with the mush mouth!

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    Just watched this one tonight. I am trying to catch up quickly because I am probably switching cable providers and will have to give up my DVR with existing shows on it.

    Funny all the plot holes Mike found with this episode. He's right, though. Much of the crime of the week didn't make sense. I remember thinking the same thing about the tree. You can't just take out a big tree in the middle of the night without being noticed by everyone! And yes, it requires a big truck.

    Regarding the skull, it does make sense that they didn't want it to be found (so the missing girl wouldn't be identified, and perhaps linked to Preston). However, given that the girl would have likely been reported missing anyway (since her family likely knew she was in Hawaii), wouldn't that have been the same thing has her skull being found somewhere?

    Not a big fan of the "spoiled rich kid villain" trope.

    Why did Preston allow himself to be interviewed in the blue lit room without an attorney present. Shouldn't someone from a super rich family know better?

    I totally agree that murdering someone who injured themselves falling into a pool on your property makes no sense at all. They could have written a much better motive for this crime.

    Danno's voice appeared to have been dubbed at one point when the whole team was around the supercomputer, right before the scene switched. I wish I noted the timestamp before deleting the episode. It was somewhere in the middle of the show.

    Overall I give the episode 2 stars.

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