(episode 10.9 review)

[In discussion about the character of Danno]

I would never blame the writers. They have a hard time writing for this character.
Writer A: Now Danny… the shootout, is he there?
Writer B: *laughs hysterically*
Writer A: Ok, *sigh*, the raid?
Writer B: *falls on floor* *clutching at carpet* *crying*
Writer A: Standing outside the Camaro? Talking to Steve?
Writer B: *conniption*
Writer A: Standing outside the Camaro? *whispers* Just saying Neanderthal?
Writer B: *hiccups* D- D- Double… blurry outline.
Writer A: No words?
Writer B: *sniffs* We- *coughs* -use old *lets go of carpet* taped material.
Writer A: Works. It’s always the same anyway.
Door opens and Alex comes in. “You’re okay guys?”
Writer B: *stumbling* *hugging* I love you, man.
Alex raises one eyebrow quizzically.
Writer A: *shrugs* Usual meltdown.
Alex: Ah, it’s one of these episodes. *thinks* *face lights up* Pair me up with Chi!
Writer A+B: McGrover!!!! *doing a happy dance*
Alex: Problem solved! Awesomeness will come. Stay tuned. *doing a happy dance*