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Thread: More 13th Season Episodes!

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    C.O.D. Honolulu -- Part I: Rat on a Wooden Model ★★★★

    A thief sees a ring on the hand of a hand model used in jewelry ads on TV (her face isn't seen) and tracks her down, believing she owns the ring. The thief's horrible detective work leads him to abduct the wrong person, a woman whom McGarrett happens to be dating. She's actually in witness protection and isn't even a hand model because her hand was blown off during her time in the Navy where McGarrett met her. She's actually a foot model, and has a prosthetic wooden hand. The thief, when he realizes his mistake, twists off her fake hand and holds it for ransom, and threatens to rat out the fact she's in protective custody. McGarrett figures out where the thief is staying and, during a fight, grabs the hand and beats the thief with it, later returning the now-bent hand to his girl friend. The thief is murdered in prison by inmates who despise him. The show continues in Part II. (Thanks to Hermano of C/H/Q)

    C.O.D. Honolulu -- Part II: The Big Koa-Huna ★★★★

    McGarrett didn't realize that his girl friend's artificial hand was made out of koa wood which carries an ancient curse for anyone who defiles it. Since McGarrett defiled it when he used it to beat the thief, he is now cursed and has to go see a kahuna. The kahuna demands the hand be thrown into a volcano to lift the hex on McGarrett. The model agrees that he should do this, but feeling guilty about the loss of her wooden hand, McGarrett has the Navy fashion her a new state-of-the-art model. However, the hand's circuit board is hacked by Wo Fat, who programs it to murder a Chinese defector living in Honolulu. The model can't control her hand, and it forces her to find the guy and attempt to kill him. Five-O uses their signal detector and the beeping light in the car to track her and the hand down and they save the day. They trace the signal back to Wo and capture him. Seeking revenge, the model's hand tries to choke Wo, but McGarrett talks to the hand and gives a 5-minute speech. The hand releases its grip on Wo's throat. Jonathan Kaye at the end tells McGarrett that he can't arrest Wo Fat because then Five-O (the show) would end forever. Kaye is played in alternating shots by Joseph Sirola, James Gregory, Lyle Bettger, Tim O’Connor, Robert Dixon, and Bill Edwards. (Thanks to Hermano of C/H/Q)


    F.O. Honolulu ★★★

    McGarrett is fed up. Someone broke into his office and stole his guitar. Then someone took all of the health food from the refrigerator at his place. To make things worse, someone took the "no smoking" sign from inside his car. And then his girl friend, the first woman who he has ever dated for over six months who didn't get killed, dumped him. He has had enough of Hawaii, which has turned into a cesspool of crime, even more than before. He goes and tells the Governor he is quitting. The Governor tries to convince him to stay, but McGarrett leaves in a huff as the Governor says "You hotheaded Irish!" But McGarrett leaving town for the mainland is just a ruse. A couple of months later, he sneaks back in disguise as a pimp named Nick LeVit, complete with a costume like he wore in one of the Vashon episodes. He wants to bust Honolulu's prostitution kingpin Ramrod Dynamite, who has begun executing his rivals. Instead of wearing a moustache which makes him look like John Beck, McGarrett has undergone special skin treatment similar to that employed by white journalist John Howard Griffin who wrote the book "Black Like Me." McGarrett goes to a strip club where the bouncer, Thuggy Bare, immediately sees through his "disguise." Despite this, McGarrett manages to bust Dynamite, as well as track down which hooker is responsible for a nasty outbreak of chlamydia on the island, which was responsible for Danno's nose falling off. (Story by Hermano of C/H/Q; Teleplay by MQ)

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    I don't know what to say....You're warped These are funny

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